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Synonyms for (noun) catch

Synonyms: pinch, catch, collar, apprehension, arrest, taking into custody Definition: the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal) Usage: the policeman on the beat got credit for the collar

Hypernyms: capture, seizure, gaining control Definition: the act of forcibly dispossessing an owner of property

Synonyms: grab, catch, snatch, snap Definition: the act of catching an object with the hands Usage: Mays made the catch with his back to the plate; he made a grab for the ball before it landed; Martin's snatch at the bridle failed and the horse raced away; the infielder's snap and throw was a single motion

Hypernyms: touch, touching Definition: the act of putting two things together with no space between them Usage: at his touch the room filled with lights

Synonyms: catch Definition: a cooperative game in which a ball is passed back and forth Usage: he played catch with his son in the backyard

Hypernyms: game Definition: an amusement or pastime Usage: they played word games; he thought of his painting as a game that filled his empty time; his life was all fun and games

Synonyms: catch Definition: a fastener that fastens or locks a door or window

Hypernyms: fastener, fastening, fixing, holdfast Definition: restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place

Synonyms: catch, stop Definition: a restraint that checks the motion of something Usage: he used a book as a stop to hold the door open

Hypernyms: restraint, constraint Definition: a device that retards something's motion Usage: the car did not have proper restraints fitted

Synonyms: gimmick, catch Definition: a drawback or difficulty that is not readily evident Usage: it sounds good but what's the catch?

Hypernyms: drawback Definition: the quality of being a hindrance Usage: he pointed out all the drawbacks to my plan

Synonyms: catch Definition: a break or check in the voice (usually a sign of strong emotion)

Hypernyms: manner of speaking, delivery, speech Definition: your characteristic style or manner of expressing yourself orally Usage: his manner of speaking was quite abrupt; her speech was barren of southernisms; I detected a slight accent in his speech

Synonyms: catch Definition: anything that is caught (especially if it is worth catching) Usage: he shared his catch with the others

Hypernyms: physical object, object Definition: a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow Usage: it was full of rackets, balls and other objects

Synonyms: catch, match Definition: a person regarded as a good matrimonial prospect

Hypernyms: adult, grownup Definition: a fully developed person from maturity onward

Synonyms: catch, haul Definition: the quantity that was caught Usage: the catch was only 10 fish

Hypernyms: indefinite quantity Definition: an estimated quantity

Synonyms for (verb) catch

Synonyms: catch Definition: contract Usage: did you catch a cold?

Hypernyms: take, contract, get Definition: be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness Usage: He got AIDS; She came down with pneumonia; She took a chill

Synonyms: catch Definition: delay or hold up; prevent from proceeding on schedule or as planned Usage: I was caught in traffic and missed the meeting

Hypernyms: delay, detain, hold up Definition: cause to be slowed down or delayed Usage: Traffic was delayed by the bad weather; she delayed the work that she didn't want to perform

Synonyms: catch Definition: be struck or affected by Usage: catch fire; catch the mood

Hypernyms: change Definition: undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature Usage: She changed completely as she grew older; The weather changed last night

Synonyms: catch, get Definition: grasp with the mind or develop an understanding of Usage: did you catch that allusion?; We caught something of his theory in the lecture; don't catch your meaning; did you get it?; She didn't get the joke; I just don't get him

Hypernyms: understand Definition: know and comprehend the nature or meaning of Usage: She did not understand her husband; I understand what she means

Synonyms: trip up, catch Definition: detect a blunder or misstep Usage: The reporter tripped up the senator

Hypernyms: learn, pick up, find out, discover, get a line, get wind, get word, hear, see Definition: get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally Usage: I learned that she has two grown-up children; I see that you have been promoted

Synonyms: catch Definition: discover or come upon accidentally, suddenly, or unexpectedly; catch somebody doing something or in a certain state Usage: She caught her son eating candy; She was caught shoplifting

Hypernyms: surprise Definition: cause to be surprised Usage: The news really surprised me

Synonyms: catch Definition: become aware of Usage: he caught her staring out the window

Hypernyms: find, see, witness Definition: perceive or be contemporaneous with Usage: We found Republicans winning the offices; You'll see a lot of cheating in this school; The 1960's saw the rebellion of the younger generation against established traditions; I want to see results

Synonyms: catch Definition: be the catcher Usage: Who is catching?

Hypernyms: play Definition: participate in games or sport Usage: We played hockey all afternoon; play cards; Pele played for the Brazilian teams in many important matches

Synonyms: capture, catch, get Definition: succeed in catching or seizing, especially after a chase Usage: We finally got the suspect; Did you catch the thief?

Hypernyms: prehend, seize, clutch Definition: take hold of; grab Usage: The sales clerk quickly seized the money on the counter; She clutched her purse; The mother seized her child by the arm; Birds of prey often seize small mammals

Synonyms: hitch, catch Definition: to hook or entangle Usage: One foot caught in the stirrup

Hypernyms: attach Definition: cause to be attached

Synonyms: catch Definition: spread or be communicated Usage: The fashion did not catch

Hypernyms: propagate, spread Definition: become distributed or widespread Usage: the infection spread; Optimism spread among the population

Synonyms: get, catch Definition: reach with a blow or hit in a particular spot Usage: the rock caught her in the back of the head; The blow got him in the back; The punch caught him in the stomach

Hypernyms: hit Definition: deal a blow to, either with the hand or with an instrument Usage: He hit her hard in the face

Synonyms: catch, take hold of, grab Definition: take hold of so as to seize or restrain or stop the motion of Usage: Catch the ball!; Grab the elevator door!

Hypernyms: prehend, seize, clutch Definition: take hold of; grab Usage: The sales clerk quickly seized the money on the counter; She clutched her purse; The mother seized her child by the arm; Birds of prey often seize small mammals

Synonyms: capture, catch Definition: capture as if by hunting, snaring, or trapping Usage: I caught a rabbit in the trap today

Hypernyms: acquire, get Definition: come into the possession of something concrete or abstract Usage: She got a lot of paintings from her uncle; They acquired a new pet; Get your results the next day; Get permission to take a few days off from work

Synonyms: catch Definition: take in and retain Usage: We have a big barrel to catch the rainwater

Hypernyms: hoard, roll up, pile up, amass, accumulate, collect, compile Definition: get or gather together Usage: I am accumulating evidence for the man's unfaithfulness to his wife; She is amassing a lot of data for her thesis; She rolled up a small fortune

Synonyms: arrest, get, catch Definition: attract and fix Usage: His look caught her; She caught his eye; Catch the attention of the waiter

Hypernyms: draw, draw in, pull, pull in, attract Definition: direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes Usage: Her good looks attract the stares of many men; The ad pulled in many potential customers; This pianist pulls huge crowds; The store owner was happy that the ad drew in many new customers

Synonyms: catch, get Definition: apprehend and reproduce accurately Usage: She really caught the spirit of the place in her drawings; She got the mood just right in her photographs

Hypernyms: reproduce Definition: recreate a sound, image, idea, mood, atmosphere, etc. Usage: this DVD player reproduces the sound of the piano very well; He reproduced the feeling of sadness in the portrait

Synonyms: charm, captivate, capture, catch, enamor, enamour, enchant, entrance, fascinate, beguile, bewitch, becharm, trance Definition: attract; cause to be enamored Usage: She captured all the men's hearts

Hypernyms: appeal, attract Definition: be attractive to Usage: The idea of a vacation appeals to me; The beautiful garden attracted many people

Synonyms: catch Definition: reach in time Usage: I have to catch a train at 7 o'clock

Hypernyms: board, get on Definition: get on board of (trains, buses, ships, aircraft, etc.)

Synonyms: catch, get Definition: suffer from the receipt of Usage: She will catch hell for this behavior!

Hypernyms: ache, hurt, suffer Definition: feel physical pain Usage: Were you hurting after the accident?

Synonyms: pick up, catch Definition: perceive with the senses quickly, suddenly, or momentarily Usage: I caught the aroma of coffee; He caught the allusion in her glance; ears open to catch every sound; The dog picked up the scent; Catch a glimpse

Hypernyms: comprehend, perceive Definition: to become aware of through the senses Usage: I could perceive the ship coming over the horizon

Synonyms: see, watch, view, take in, catch Definition: see or watch Usage: view a show on television; This program will be seen all over the world; view an exhibition; Catch a show on Broadway; see a movie

Hypernyms: watch Definition: look attentively Usage: watch a basketball game

Synonyms: overhear, catch, take in Definition: hear, usually without the knowledge of the speakers Usage: We overheard the conversation at the next table

Hypernyms: hear Definition: perceive (sound) via the auditory sense

Synonyms: get, catch Definition: perceive by hearing Usage: I didn't catch your name; She didn't get his name when they met the first time

Hypernyms: hear Definition: perceive (sound) via the auditory sense

Synonyms: catch Definition: get or regain something necessary, usually quickly or briefly Usage: Catch some sleep; catch one's breath

Hypernyms: acquire, get Definition: come into the possession of something concrete or abstract Usage: She got a lot of paintings from her uncle; They acquired a new pet; Get your results the next day; Get permission to take a few days off from work

Synonyms: catch Definition: check oneself during an action Usage: She managed to catch herself before telling her boss what was on her mind

Hypernyms: contain, control, curb, hold, hold in, check, moderate Definition: lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits Usage: moderate your alcohol intake; hold your tongue; hold your temper; control your anger

Synonyms: catch Definition: start burning Usage: The fire caught

Hypernyms: conflagrate, take fire, ignite, combust, catch fire, erupt Definition: start to burn or burst into flames Usage: Marsh gases ignited suddenly; The oily rags combusted spontaneously