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Why synonyms can be useful

Your writing can sound boring if you continually keep repeating the same words. When you create sentences, you can make them more interesting by using words that mean the same as the word you are speaking about. This allows you to add flavor to your writing.

In order to make language a lot more expressive and interesting you should try to vary the words you use as often as you can.

Synonyms for (adjective) able

Synonyms: able Definition: having inherent physical or mental ability or capacity Usage: able to learn; human beings are able to walk on two feet; Superman is able to leap tall buildings

Hypernyms: capable Definition: (usually followed by `of') having capacity or ability Usage: capable of winning; capable of hard work; capable of walking on two feet

Synonyms: capable, able Definition: have the skills and qualifications to do things well Usage: able teachers; a capable administrator; children as young as 14 can be extremely capable and dependable

Hypernyms: competent Definition: properly or sufficiently qualified or capable or efficient Usage: a competent typist

Synonyms: able, able-bodied Definition: having a strong healthy body Usage: an able seaman; every able-bodied young man served in the army

Hypernyms: fit Definition: physically and mentally sound or healthy Usage: felt relaxed and fit after their holiday; keeps fit with diet and exercise