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Synonyms for (noun) background

Synonyms: backcloth, backdrop, background Definition: scenery hung at back of stage

Hypernyms: scene, scenery Definition: the painted structures of a stage set that are intended to suggest a particular locale Usage: they worked all night painting the scenery

Synonyms: background, desktop, screen background Definition: (computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear

Hypernyms: screen, CRT screen Definition: the display that is electronically created on the surface of the large end of a cathode-ray tube

Synonyms: background Definition: a person's social heritage: previous experience or training Usage: he is a lawyer with a sports background

Hypernyms: heritage, inheritance Definition: any attribute or immaterial possession that is inherited from ancestors Usage: my only inheritance was my mother's blessing; the world's heritage of knowledge

Synonyms: background, background knowledge Definition: information that is essential to understanding a situation or problem Usage: the embassy filled him in on the background of the incident

Hypernyms: information Definition: knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction

Synonyms: background, ground Definition: the part of a scene (or picture) that lies behind objects in the foreground Usage: he posed her against a background of rolling hills

Hypernyms: scene, panorama, view, vista, prospect, aspect Definition: the visual percept of a region Usage: the most desirable feature of the park are the beautiful views

Synonyms: background Definition: relatively unimportant or inconspicuous accompanying situation Usage: when the rain came he could hear the sound of thunder in the background

Hypernyms: concomitant, accompaniment, attendant, co-occurrence Definition: an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another

Synonyms: background, background signal Definition: extraneous signals that can be confused with the phenomenon to be observed or measured Usage: they got a bad connection and could hardly hear one another over the background signals

Hypernyms: interference, disturbance, noise Definition: electrical or acoustic activity that can disturb communication

Synonyms: setting, scope, background Definition: the state of the environment in which a situation exists Usage: you can't do that in a university setting

Hypernyms: environment Definition: the totality of surrounding conditions Usage: he longed for the comfortable environment of his living room

Synonyms for (verb) background

Synonyms: downplay, play down, background Definition: understate the importance or quality of Usage: he played down his royal ancestry

Hypernyms: punctuate, accent, accentuate, stress, emphasise, emphasize Definition: to stress, single out as important Usage: Dr. Jones emphasizes exercise in addition to a change in diet