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Synonyms for (noun) bench

Synonyms: bench Definition: a long seat for more than one person

Hypernyms: seat Definition: furniture that is designed for sitting on Usage: there were not enough seats for all the guests

Synonyms: bench Definition: (law) the seat for judges in a courtroom

Hypernyms: seat Definition: furniture that is designed for sitting on Usage: there were not enough seats for all the guests

Synonyms: work bench, workbench, bench Definition: a strong worktable for a carpenter or mechanic

Hypernyms: work table, worktable Definition: a table designed for a particular task

Synonyms: bench, judiciary Definition: persons who administer justice

Hypernyms: establishment, governance, governing body, brass, organisation, organization, administration Definition: the persons (or committees or departments etc.) who make up a body for the purpose of administering something Usage: he claims that the present administration is corrupt; the governance of an association is responsible to its members; he quickly became recognized as a member of the establishment

Synonyms: bench Definition: the reserve players on a team Usage: our team has a strong bench

Hypernyms: subgroup Definition: a distinct and often subordinate group within a group

Synonyms: Bench Definition: the magistrate or judge or judges sitting in court in judicial capacity to compose the court collectively

Hypernyms: assembly Definition: a group of persons who are gathered together for a common purpose

Synonyms: terrace, bench Definition: a level shelf of land interrupting a declivity (with steep slopes above and below)

Hypernyms: tableland, plateau Definition: a relatively flat highland

Synonyms for (verb) bench

Synonyms: bench Definition: exhibit on a bench Usage: bench the poodles at the dog show

Hypernyms: display, exhibit, expose Definition: to show, make visible or apparent Usage: The Metropolitan Museum is exhibiting Goya's works this month; Why don't you show your nice legs and wear shorter skirts?; National leaders will have to display the highest skills of statesmanship

Synonyms: bench Definition: take out of a game; of players

Hypernyms: remove Definition: remove from a position or an office