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Synonyms for (noun) berth

Synonyms: berth, billet, spot, situation, position, post, place, office Definition: a job in an organization Usage: he occupied a post in the treasury

Hypernyms: business, job, line, line of work, occupation Definition: the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money Usage: he's not in my line of business

Synonyms: berth, built in bed, bunk Definition: a bed on a ship or train; usually in tiers

Hypernyms: bed Definition: a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep Usage: he sat on the edge of the bed; the room had only a bed and chair

Synonyms: berth, moorage, mooring, slip Definition: a place where a craft can be made fast

Hypernyms: anchorage, anchorage ground Definition: place for vessels to anchor

Synonyms for (verb) berth

Synonyms: wharf, moor, berth Definition: come into or dock at a wharf Usage: the big ship wharfed in the evening

Hypernyms: dock Definition: come into dock Usage: the ship docked

Synonyms: berth, tie up, moor Definition: secure in or as if in a berth or dock Usage: tie up the boat

Hypernyms: fix, fasten, secure Definition: cause to be firmly attached Usage: fasten the lock onto the door; she fixed her gaze on the man

Synonyms: berth Definition: provide with a berth

Hypernyms: supply, render, provide, furnish Definition: give something useful or necessary to Usage: We provided the room with an electrical heater