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Synonyms for (noun) blend

Synonyms: blend, blending Definition: the act of blending components together thoroughly

Hypernyms: combination, combining, compounding Definition: the act of combining things to form a new whole

Synonyms: portmanteau, portmanteau word, blend Definition: a new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings Usage: `smog' is a blend of `smoke' and `fog'; `motel' is a portmanteau word made by combining `motor' and `hotel'; `brunch' is a well-known portmanteau

Hypernyms: neologism, neology, coinage Definition: a newly invented word or phrase

Synonyms: blend Definition: an occurrence of thorough mixing

Hypernyms: mix, mixture Definition: an event that combines things in a mixture Usage: a gradual mixture of cultures

Synonyms for (verb) blend

Synonyms: conflate, mix, meld, merge, immix, fuse, flux, coalesce, combine, commingle, blend Definition: mix together different elements Usage: The colors blend well

Hypernyms: change integrity Definition: change in physical make-up

Synonyms: blend, intermingle, intermix, immingle Definition: combine into one Usage: blend the nuts and raisins together; he blends in with the crowd; We don't intermingle much

Hypernyms: unify, mingle, mix, amalgamate, commix Definition: to bring or combine together or with something else Usage: resourcefully he mingled music and dance

Synonyms: go, blend, blend in Definition: blend or harmonize Usage: This flavor will blend with those in your dish; This sofa won't go with the chairs

Hypernyms: harmonise, harmonize, fit in, agree, accord, concord, consort Definition: go together Usage: The colors don't harmonize; Their ideas concorded