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Synonyms for (verb) block out

Synonyms: block out Definition: plan where and when songs should be inserted into a theatrical production, or plan a theatrical production in general

Hypernyms: lay out Definition: provide a detailed plan or design Usage: She laid out her plans for the new house

Synonyms: block out Definition: indicate roughly Usage: We sketched out our plan

Hypernyms: sketch, adumbrate, outline Definition: describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of Usage: sketch the outline of the book; outline his ideas

Synonyms: block out, mask Definition: shield from light

Hypernyms: cover Definition: provide with a covering or cause to be covered Usage: cover her face with a handkerchief; cover the child with a blanket; cover the grave with flowers

Synonyms: screen, block out Definition: prevent from entering Usage: block out the strong sunlight

Hypernyms: jam, close up, block, impede, obstruct, obturate, occlude Definition: block passage through Usage: obstruct the path