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Synonyms for (adjective) bloodless

Synonyms: exsanguine, exsanguinous, bloodless Definition: destitute of blood or apparently so Usage: the bloodless carcass of my Hector sold- John Dryden

Hypernyms: dead Definition: no longer having or seeming to have or expecting to have life Usage: the nerve is dead; a dead pallor; he was marked as a dead man by the assassin

Synonyms: bloodless Definition: free from blood or bloodshed Usage: bloodless surgery; a bloodless coup

Hypernyms: nonviolent, unbloody Definition: achieved without bloodshed Usage: an unbloody transfer of power

Synonyms: blanched, bloodless, white, ashen, livid Definition: anemic looking from illness or emotion Usage: a face turned ashen; the invalid's blanched cheeks; tried to speak with bloodless lips; a face livid with shock; lips...livid with the hue of death- Mary W. Shelley; lips white with terror; a face white with rage

Hypernyms: colorless, colourless Definition: weak in color; not colorful

Synonyms: bloodless Definition: devoid of human emotion or feeling Usage: charts of bloodless economic indicators

Hypernyms: nonhuman Definition: not human; not belonging to or produced by or appropriate to human beings Usage: nonhuman primates such as chimpanzees

Synonyms: bloodless Definition: without vigor or zest or energy Usage: an insipid and bloodless young man

Hypernyms: spiritless Definition: lacking ardor or vigor or energy Usage: a spiritless reply to criticism