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Synonyms for (noun) bomb

Synonyms: bomb Definition: an explosive device fused to explode under specific conditions

Hypernyms: explosive device Definition: device that bursts with sudden violence from internal energy

Hypernyms: weaponry, weapons system, implements of war, arms, munition Definition: weapons considered collectively

Synonyms: bomb, bomb calorimeter Definition: strong sealed vessel for measuring heat of combustion

Hypernyms: calorimeter Definition: a measuring instrument that determines quantities of heat

Synonyms: turkey, dud, bomb Definition: an event that fails badly or is totally ineffectual Usage: the first experiment was a real turkey; the meeting was a dud as far as new business was concerned

Hypernyms: bust, flop, fizzle Definition: a complete failure Usage: the play was a dismal flop

Synonyms for (verb) bomb

Synonyms: bomb, bombard Definition: throw bombs at or attack with bombs Usage: The Americans bombed Dresden

Hypernyms: assail, attack Definition: launch an attack or assault on; begin hostilities or start warfare with Usage: Hitler attacked Poland on September 1, 1939 and started World War II; Serbian forces assailed Bosnian towns all week