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Synonyms for (noun) captive

Synonyms: captive Definition: an animal that is confined

Hypernyms: animal, animate being, beast, fauna, brute, creature Definition: a living organism characterized by voluntary movement

Synonyms: captive Definition: a person held in the grip of a strong emotion or passion

Hypernyms: emotional person Definition: a person subject to strong states of emotion

Synonyms: prisoner, captive Definition: a person who is confined; especially a prisoner of war

Hypernyms: unfortunate, unfortunate person Definition: a person who suffers misfortune

Synonyms for (adjective) captive

Synonyms: absorbed, intent, captive, wrapped, engrossed, enwrapped Definition: giving or marked by complete attention to Usage: that engrossed look or rapt delight; then wrapped in dreams; so intent on this fantastic...narrative that she hardly stirred- Walter de la Mare; rapt with wonder; wrapped in thought

Hypernyms: attentive Definition: (often followed by `to') giving care or attention Usage: attentive to details; the nurse was attentive to her patient; an attentive suitor

Synonyms: confined, jailed, imprisoned, captive Definition: being in captivity

Hypernyms: unfree Definition: hampered and not free; not able to act at will