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Synonyms for (adjective) closed

Synonyms: closed Definition: not open or affording passage or access Usage: the many closed streets made travel difficult; our neighbors peeped from behind closed curtains

Hypernyms: blocked, out of use Definition: closed to traffic Usage: the repaving results in many blocked streets

Hypernyms: drawn Definition: having the curtains or draperies closed or pulled shut Usage: the drawn draperies kept direct sunlight from fading the rug

Hypernyms: stoppered Definition: (of a container) having a stopper in the opening Usage: the tightly stoppered bottles

Hypernyms: nonopening Definition: not open; not opening

Synonyms: shut, closed Definition: used especially of mouth or eyes Usage: he sat quietly with closed eyes; his eyes were shut against the sunlight

Hypernyms: blinking, winking Definition: closing the eyes intermittently and rapidly Usage: he stood blinking in the bright sunlight

Hypernyms: compressed, tight Definition: pressed tightly together Usage: with lips compressed

Hypernyms: squinched, squinting Definition: having eyes half closed in order to see better Usage: squinched eyes

Synonyms: closed, closed in Definition: blocked against entry Usage: a closed porch

Hypernyms: enclosed Definition: closed in or surrounded or included within Usage: an enclosed porch; an enclosed yard; the enclosed check is to cover shipping and handling

Synonyms: unsympathetic, closed Definition: not having an open mind Usage: a closed mind unreceptive to new ideas

Hypernyms: unreceptive Definition: not receptive

Synonyms: closed Definition: not open to the general public Usage: a closed meeting

Hypernyms: restricted Definition: subject to restriction or subjected to restriction Usage: of restricted importance

Synonyms: closed Definition: with shutters closed

Hypernyms: shuttered Definition: provided with shutters or shutters as specified; often used in combination Usage: a church with a shuttered belfry and spire; green-shuttered cottages

Synonyms: closed Definition: requiring union membership Usage: a closed shop

Hypernyms: union Definition: of trade unions Usage: the union movement; union negotiations; a union-shop clause in the contract