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Synonyms for (noun) comb

Synonyms: comb, combing Definition: the act of drawing a comb through hair Usage: his hair needed a comb

Hypernyms: hair care, haircare, hairdressing Definition: care for the hair: the activity of washing or cutting or curling or arranging the hair

Synonyms: cockscomb, comb, coxcomb Definition: the fleshy red crest on the head of the domestic fowl and other gallinaceous birds

Hypernyms: crest Definition: a showy growth of e.g. feathers or skin on the head of a bird or other animal

Synonyms: comb Definition: ciliated comb-like swimming plate of a ctenophore

Hypernyms: plate Definition: any flat platelike body structure or part

Synonyms: comb Definition: a flat device with narrow pointed teeth on one edge; disentangles or arranges hair

Hypernyms: device Definition: an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose Usage: the device is small enough to wear on your wrist; a device intended to conserve water

Synonyms: comb Definition: any of several tools for straightening fibers

Hypernyms: tool Definition: an implement used in the practice of a vocation

Synonyms for (verb) comb

Synonyms: disentangle, comb, comb out Definition: smoothen and neaten with or as with a comb Usage: comb your hair before dinner; comb the wool

Hypernyms: groom, neaten Definition: care for one's external appearance Usage: He is always well-groomed

Synonyms: ransack, comb Definition: search thoroughly Usage: They combed the area for the missing child

Hypernyms: search Definition: subject to a search Usage: The police searched the suspect; We searched the whole house for the missing keys

Synonyms: comb Definition: straighten with a comb Usage: comb your hair

Hypernyms: straighten, straighten out Definition: make straight