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Synonyms for (adjective) concise

Synonyms: concise Definition: expressing much in few words Usage: a concise explanation

Hypernyms: aphoristic, apothegmatic, epigrammatic Definition: terse and witty and like a maxim Usage: much given to apothegmatic instruction

Hypernyms: brief Definition: concise and succinct Usage: covered the matter in a brief statement

Hypernyms: compact, compendious, succinct, summary Definition: briefly giving the gist of something Usage: a short and compendious book; a compact style is brief and pithy; succinct comparisons; a summary formulation of a wide-ranging subject

Hypernyms: terse, laconic, curt, crisp Definition: brief and to the point; effectively cut short Usage: a crisp retort; a response so curt as to be almost rude; the laconic reply; `yes'; short and terse and easy to understand

Hypernyms: cryptic Definition: having a puzzling terseness Usage: a cryptic note

Hypernyms: elliptic, elliptical Definition: characterized by extreme economy of expression or omission of superfluous elements Usage: the dialogue is elliptic and full of dark hints; the explanation was concise, even elliptical to the verge of obscurity- H.O.Taylor

Hypernyms: pithy, sententious Definition: concise and full of meaning Usage: welcomed her pithy comments; the peculiarly sardonic and sententious style in which Don Luis composed his epigrams- Hervey Allen

Hypernyms: telegraphic Definition: having the style of a telegram with many short words left out Usage: telegraphic economy of words; the strange telegraphic speech of some aphasics