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Synonyms for (noun) convention

Synonyms: convening, convention Definition: the act of convening

Hypernyms: gathering, assemblage, assembly Definition: the social act of assembling Usage: they demanded the right of assembly

Synonyms: convention, conventionalism, conventionality Definition: orthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional

Hypernyms: orthodoxy Definition: the quality of being orthodox (especially in religion)

Synonyms: convention, formula, pattern, normal, rule Definition: something regarded as a normative example Usage: the convention of not naming the main character; violence is the rule not the exception; his formula for impressing visitors

Hypernyms: practice Definition: knowledge of how something is usually done Usage: it is not the local practice to wear shorts to dinner

Synonyms: convention Definition: (diplomacy) an international agreement

Hypernyms: pact, treaty, accord Definition: a written agreement between two states or sovereigns

Synonyms: convention Definition: a large formal assembly Usage: political convention

Hypernyms: group meeting, meeting Definition: a formally arranged gathering Usage: next year the meeting will be in Chicago; the meeting elected a chairperson