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Synonyms for (noun) cordial

Synonyms: liqueur, cordial Definition: strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal

Hypernyms: alcohol, alcoholic beverage, alcoholic drink, inebriant, intoxicant Definition: a liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent Usage: alcohol (or drink) ruined him

Synonyms for (adjective) cordial

Synonyms: genial, cordial, affable, amiable Definition: diffusing warmth and friendliness Usage: an affable smile; an amiable gathering; cordial relations; a cordial greeting; a genial host

Hypernyms: friendly Definition: characteristic of or befitting a friend Usage: friendly advice; a friendly neighborhood; the only friendly person here; a friendly host and hostess

Synonyms: cordial Definition: sincerely or intensely felt Usage: a cordial regard for his visitor's comfort; a cordial abhorrence of waste

Hypernyms: sincere Definition: open and genuine; not deceitful Usage: he was a good man, decent and sincere; felt sincere regret that they were leaving; sincere friendship

Synonyms: cordial Definition: politely warm and friendly Usage: a cordial handshake

Hypernyms: warm Definition: psychologically warm; friendly and responsive Usage: a warm greeting; a warm personality; warm support