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Synonyms for (noun) crop

Synonyms: craw, crop Definition: a pouch in many birds and some lower animals that resembles a stomach for storage and preliminary maceration of food

Hypernyms: breadbasket, tum, tummy, stomach Definition: an enlarged and muscular saclike organ of the alimentary canal; the principal organ of digestion

Synonyms: crop Definition: the stock or handle of a whip

Hypernyms: handgrip, handle, grip, hold Definition: the appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it Usage: he grabbed the hammer by the handle; it was an old briefcase but it still had a good grip

Synonyms: crop Definition: the output of something in a season Usage: the latest crop of fashions is about to hit the stores

Hypernyms: end product, output Definition: final product; the things produced

Synonyms: crop Definition: a collection of people or things appearing together Usage: the annual crop of students brings a new crop of ideas

Hypernyms: aggregation, accumulation, assemblage, collection Definition: several things grouped together or considered as a whole

Synonyms: crop Definition: a cultivated plant that is grown commercially on a large scale

Hypernyms: flora, plant, plant life Definition: (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion

Synonyms: crop, harvest Definition: the yield from plants in a single growing season

Hypernyms: yield, output Definition: production of a certain amount

Synonyms for (verb) crop

Synonyms: snip, prune, trim, cut back, dress, crop, lop, clip Definition: cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of Usage: dress the plants in the garden

Hypernyms: thin out Definition: make sparse Usage: thin out the young plants

Synonyms: crop Definition: cut short Usage: She wanted her hair cropped short

Hypernyms: cut Definition: shorten as if by severing the edges or ends of Usage: cut my hair

Synonyms: range, crop, browse, pasture, graze Definition: feed as in a meadow or pasture Usage: the herd was grazing

Hypernyms: feed, eat Definition: take in food; used of animals only Usage: This dog doesn't eat certain kinds of meat; What do whales eat?

Synonyms: graze, pasture, crop Definition: let feed in a field or pasture or meadow

Hypernyms: feed, give Definition: give food to Usage: Feed the starving children in India; don't give the child this tough meat

Synonyms: crop Definition: yield crops Usage: This land crops well

Hypernyms: bear, turn out Definition: bring forth, "The apple tree bore delicious apples this year" Usage: The unidentified plant bore gorgeous flowers

Synonyms: work, cultivate, crop Definition: prepare for crops Usage: Work the soil; cultivate the land

Hypernyms: set, set up, gear up, fix, prepare, ready Definition: make ready or suitable or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc Usage: Get the children ready for school!; prepare for war; I was fixing to leave town after I paid the hotel bill