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Synonyms for (noun) cube

Synonyms: cube, square block Definition: a block in the (approximate) shape of a cube

Hypernyms: block Definition: a solid piece of something (usually having flat rectangular sides) Usage: the pyramids were built with large stone blocks

Synonyms: cube Definition: any of several tropical American woody plants of the genus Lonchocarpus whose roots are used locally as a fish poison and commercially as a source of rotenone

Hypernyms: subshrub, suffrutex Definition: low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base

Synonyms: third power, cube Definition: the product of three equal terms

Hypernyms: number Definition: a concept of quantity involving zero and units Usage: every number has a unique position in the sequence

Synonyms: cube, block Definition: a three-dimensional shape with six square or rectangular sides

Hypernyms: solid Definition: a three-dimensional shape

Synonyms: regular hexahedron, cube Definition: a hexahedron with six equal squares as faces

Hypernyms: ideal solid, regular convex polyhedron, regular convex solid, regular polyhedron, Platonic body, Platonic solid Definition: any one of five solids whose faces are congruent regular polygons and whose polyhedral angles are all congruent

Synonyms for (verb) cube

Synonyms: cube Definition: raise to the third power

Hypernyms: multiply Definition: combine by multiplication Usage: multiply 10 by 15

Synonyms: cube, dice Definition: cut into cubes Usage: cube the cheese

Hypernyms: cut Definition: separate with or as if with an instrument Usage: Cut the rope