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Synonyms for (noun) darkness

Synonyms: swarthiness, duskiness, darkness Definition: a swarthy complexion

Hypernyms: complexion, skin color, skin colour Definition: the coloring of a person's face

Synonyms: darkness Definition: having a dark or somber color

Hypernyms: value Definition: relative darkness or lightness of a color Usage: I establish the colors and principal values by organizing the painting into three values--dark, medium...and light-Joe Hing Lowe

Synonyms: dark, darkness Definition: an unenlightened state Usage: he was in the dark concerning their intentions; his lectures dispelled the darkness

Hypernyms: unenlightenment Definition: a lack of understanding

Synonyms: shadow, dark, darkness Definition: an unilluminated area Usage: he moved off into the darkness

Hypernyms: scene Definition: the place where some action occurs Usage: the police returned to the scene of the crime

Synonyms: dark, darkness Definition: absence of light or illumination

Hypernyms: illumination Definition: the degree of visibility of your environment

Synonyms: iniquity, wickedness, dark, darkness Definition: absence of moral or spiritual values Usage: the powers of darkness

Hypernyms: condition, status Definition: a state at a particular time Usage: a condition (or state) of disrepair; the current status of the arms negotiations