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Synonyms for (noun) disrespect

Synonyms: disrespect, contempt Definition: a manner that is generally disrespectful and contemptuous

Hypernyms: rudeness, discourtesy Definition: a manner that is rude and insulting

Synonyms: disrespect Definition: a disrespectful mental attitude

Hypernyms: attitude, mental attitude Definition: a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways Usage: he had the attitude that work was fun

Synonyms: discourtesy, disrespect Definition: an expression of lack of respect

Hypernyms: subject matter, substance, message, content Definition: what a communication that is about something is about

Synonyms for (verb) disrespect

Synonyms: disesteem, disrespect Definition: have little or no respect for; hold in contempt

Hypernyms: reckon, regard, consider, view, see Definition: deem to be Usage: She views this quite differently from me; I consider her to be shallow; I don't see the situation quite as negatively as you do

Synonyms: disrespect Definition: show a lack of respect for

Hypernyms: relate Definition: have or establish a relationship to Usage: She relates well to her peers