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Synonyms for (verb) dominate

Synonyms: master, dominate Definition: have dominance or the power to defeat over Usage: Her pain completely mastered her; The methods can master the problems

Hypernyms: command, control Definition: exercise authoritative control or power over Usage: control the budget; Command the military forces

Synonyms: dominate Definition: be in control Usage: Her husband completely dominates her

Hypernyms: act upon, work, influence Definition: have and exert influence or effect Usage: The artist's work influenced the young painter; She worked on her friends to support the political candidate

Synonyms: dominate, overlook, overtop, command Definition: look down on Usage: The villa dominates the town

Hypernyms: lie Definition: be located or situated somewhere; occupy a certain position

Synonyms: eclipse, dominate, overshadow Definition: be greater in significance than Usage: the tragedy overshadowed the couple's happiness

Hypernyms: loom, brood, bulk large, hover Definition: hang over, as of something threatening, dark, or menacing Usage: The terrible vision brooded over her all day long