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Synonyms for (adjective) doubtful

Synonyms: doubtful, dubious Definition: fraught with uncertainty or doubt Usage: they were doubtful that the cord would hold; it was doubtful whether she would be admitted; dubious about agreeing to go

Hypernyms: uncertain, unsure, incertain Definition: lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance Usage: uncertain of his convictions; unsure of himself and his future; moving with uncertain (or unsure) steps; an uncertain smile; touched the ornaments with uncertain fingers

Synonyms: doubtful, dubious, dubitable, in question Definition: open to doubt or suspicion Usage: the candidate's doubtful past; he has a dubious record indeed; what one found uncertain the other found dubious or downright false; it was more than dubitable whether the friend was as influential as she thought- Karen Horney

Hypernyms: questionable Definition: subject to question Usage: questionable motives; a questionable reputation; a fire of questionable origin

Synonyms: tentative, doubtful Definition: unsettled in mind or opinion Usage: drew a few tentative conclusions

Hypernyms: unsettled Definition: still in doubt Usage: an unsettled issue; an unsettled state of mind