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Synonyms for (noun) eccentric

Synonyms: character, case, eccentric, type Definition: a person of a specified kind (usually with many eccentricities) Usage: a real character; a strange character; a friendly eccentric; the capable type; a mental case

Hypernyms: adult, grownup Definition: a fully developed person from maturity onward

Synonyms: eccentric, eccentric person, geek, flake, oddball Definition: a person with an unusual or odd personality

Hypernyms: anomaly, unusual person Definition: a person who is unusual

Synonyms for (adjective) eccentric

Synonyms: eccentric, nonconcentric Definition: not having a common center; not concentric Usage: eccentric circles

Hypernyms: acentric Definition: not centered or having no center

Hypernyms: off-center, off-centered Definition: situated away from the center or axis

Synonyms: bizarre, gonzo, eccentric, off-the-wall, outlandish, outre, freakish, freaky, flakey, flaky Definition: conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual Usage: restaurants of bizarre design--one like a hat, another like a rabbit; famed for his eccentric spelling; a freakish combination of styles; his off-the-wall antics; the outlandish clothes of teenagers; outre and affected stage antics

Hypernyms: unconventional Definition: not conventional or conformist Usage: unconventional life styles