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Synonyms for (adjective) effortful

Synonyms: effortful Definition: requiring great physical effort

Hypernyms: heavy, grueling, gruelling, hard, laborious, backbreaking, arduous, toilsome, operose, punishing Definition: characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort Usage: worked their arduous way up the mining valley; a grueling campaign; hard labor; heavy work; heavy going; spent many laborious hours on the project; set a punishing pace

Hypernyms: dragging Definition: marked by a painfully slow and effortful manner Usage: it was a strange dragging approach; years of dragging war

Hypernyms: wearing, wearying, exhausting, tiring Definition: producing exhaustion Usage: an exhausting march; the visit was especially wearing

Hypernyms: heavy, labored, laboured Definition: requiring or showing effort Usage: heavy breathing; the subject made for labored reading

Hypernyms: labor-intensive, labour-intensive Definition: requiring a large expenditure of labor but not much capital Usage: cottage industries are labor intensive

Hypernyms: leaden, plodding Definition: (of movement) slow and laborious Usage: leaden steps

Hypernyms: Sisyphean Definition: both extremely effortful and futile

Hypernyms: arduous, straining, strenuous Definition: taxing to the utmost; testing powers of endurance Usage: his final, straining burst of speed; a strenuous task; your willingness after these six arduous days to remain here- F.D.Roosevelt