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Synonyms for (adjective) esoteric

Synonyms: esoteric Definition: confined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle Usage: a compilation of esoteric philosophical theories

Hypernyms: abstruse, recondite, deep Definition: difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge Usage: the professor's lectures were so abstruse that students tended to avoid them; a deep metaphysical theory; some recondite problem in historiography

Hypernyms: arcane Definition: requiring secret or mysterious knowledge Usage: the arcane science of dowsing

Hypernyms: sibylline, cabalistic, cryptic, cryptical, qabalistic, kabbalistic Definition: having a secret or hidden meaning Usage: cabalistic symbols engraved in stone; cryptic writings; thoroughly sibylline in most of his pronouncements- John Gunther

Hypernyms: secret, occult, orphic, mysterious, mystic, mystical Definition: having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding Usage: mysterious symbols; the mystical style of Blake; occult lore; the secret learning of the ancients