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Synonyms for (verb) fall apart

Synonyms: separate, split up, come apart, break, fall apart Definition: become separated into pieces or fragments Usage: The figurine broke; The freshly baked loaf fell apart

Hypernyms: change integrity Definition: change in physical make-up

Synonyms: fall apart, crumble Definition: break or fall apart into fragments Usage: The cookies crumbled; The Sphinx is crumbling

Hypernyms: disintegrate Definition: break into parts or components or lose cohesion or unity Usage: The material disintegrated; the group disintegrated after the leader died

Synonyms: fall apart, bust, break, wear, wear out Definition: go to pieces Usage: The lawn mower finally broke; The gears wore out; The old chair finally fell apart completely

Hypernyms: dilapidate, crumble, decay Definition: fall into decay or ruin Usage: The unoccupied house started to decay

Synonyms: fall apart, go to pieces Definition: lose one's emotional or mental composure Usage: She fell apart when her only child died

Hypernyms: break down, snap, lose it Definition: lose control of one's emotions Usage: When she heard that she had not passed the exam, she lost it completely; When her baby died, she snapped