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Synonyms for (noun) farm

Synonyms: farm Definition: workplace consisting of farm buildings and cultivated land as a unit Usage: it takes several people to work the farm

Hypernyms: work, workplace Definition: a place where work is done Usage: he arrived at work early today

Synonyms for (verb) farm

Synonyms: produce, raise, grow, farm Definition: cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques Usage: The Bordeaux region produces great red wines; They produce good ham in Parma; We grow wheat here; We raise hogs here

Hypernyms: cultivate Definition: foster the growth of

Synonyms: farm Definition: collect fees or profits

Hypernyms: take in, collect Definition: call for and obtain payment of Usage: we collected over a million dollars in outstanding debts; he collected the rent

Synonyms: farm Definition: be a farmer; work as a farmer Usage: My son is farming in California

Hypernyms: do work, work Definition: be employed Usage: Is your husband working again?; My wife never worked; Do you want to work after the age of 60?; She never did any work because she inherited a lot of money; She works as a waitress to put herself through college