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Synonyms for (noun) flap

Synonyms: flap Definition: any broad thin and limber covering attached at one edge; hangs loose or projects freely Usage: he wrote on the flap of the envelope

Hypernyms: covering Definition: an artifact that covers something else (usually to protect or shelter or conceal it)

Synonyms: flap, flaps Definition: a movable airfoil that is part of an aircraft wing; used to increase lift or drag

Hypernyms: aerofoil, airfoil, control surface, surface Definition: a device that provides reactive force when in motion relative to the surrounding air; can lift or control a plane in flight

Synonyms: flap Definition: a movable piece of tissue partly connected to the body

Hypernyms: animal tissue Definition: the tissue in the bodies of animals

Synonyms: flutter, fluttering, flap, flapping Definition: the motion made by flapping up and down

Hypernyms: undulation, wave Definition: (physics) a movement up and down or back and forth

Synonyms: fuss, flap, tizzy, dither, pother Definition: an excited state of agitation Usage: he was in a dither; there was a terrible flap about the theft

Hypernyms: agitation Definition: a mental state of extreme emotional disturbance

Synonyms for (verb) flap

Synonyms: flap Definition: pronounce with a flap, of alveolar sounds

Hypernyms: pronounce, say, sound out, enounce, enunciate, articulate Definition: speak, pronounce, or utter in a certain way Usage: She pronounces French words in a funny way; I cannot say `zip wire'; Can the child sound out this complicated word?

Synonyms: dither, flap, pother Definition: make a fuss; be agitated

Hypernyms: niggle, fret, fuss Definition: worry unnecessarily or excessively Usage: don't fuss too much over the grandchildren--they are quite big now

Synonyms: flap Definition: move noisily Usage: flags flapped in the strong wind

Hypernyms: pound, thump, beat Definition: move rhythmically Usage: Her heart was beating fast

Synonyms: undulate, flap, roll, wave Definition: move in a wavy pattern or with a rising and falling motion Usage: The curtains undulated; the waves rolled towards the beach

Hypernyms: move Definition: move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion Usage: He moved his hand slightly to the right

Synonyms: beat, flap Definition: move with a flapping motion Usage: The bird's wings were flapping

Hypernyms: move Definition: move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion Usage: He moved his hand slightly to the right

Synonyms: flap, beat Definition: move with a thrashing motion Usage: The bird flapped its wings; The eagle beat its wings and soared high into the sky

Hypernyms: displace, move Definition: cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense Usage: Move those boxes into the corner, please; I'm moving my money to another bank; The director moved more responsibilities onto his new assistant