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Synonyms for (noun) fuss

Synonyms: stir, ado, hustle, bustle, fuss, flurry Definition: a rapid active commotion

Hypernyms: tumult, ruckus, ruction, rumpus, commotion, din Definition: the act of making a noisy disturbance

Synonyms: bicker, bickering, fuss, spat, squabble, tiff, pettifoggery Definition: a quarrel about petty points

Hypernyms: dustup, words, wrangle, quarrel, row, run-in Definition: an angry dispute Usage: they had a quarrel; they had words

Synonyms: hassle, fuss, trouble, bother Definition: an angry disturbance Usage: he didn't want to make a fuss; they had labor trouble; a spot of bother

Hypernyms: perturbation, disturbance Definition: activity that is a malfunction, intrusion, or interruption Usage: the term `distress' connotes some degree of perturbation and emotional upset; he looked around for the source of the disturbance; there was a disturbance of neural function

Synonyms: fuss, flap, tizzy, dither, pother Definition: an excited state of agitation Usage: he was in a dither; there was a terrible flap about the theft

Hypernyms: agitation Definition: a mental state of extreme emotional disturbance

Synonyms for (verb) fuss

Synonyms: niggle, fret, fuss Definition: worry unnecessarily or excessively Usage: don't fuss too much over the grandchildren--they are quite big now

Hypernyms: worry Definition: be worried, concerned, anxious, troubled, or uneasy Usage: I worry about my job

Synonyms: overprotect, mother, fuss Definition: care for like a mother Usage: She fusses over her husband

Hypernyms: care, give care Definition: provide care for Usage: The nurse was caring for the wounded