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Synonyms for (noun) garner

Synonyms: garner, granary Definition: a storehouse for threshed grain or animal feed

Hypernyms: storage, store, storehouse, entrepot, depot Definition: a depository for goods Usage: storehouses were built close to the docks

Synonyms for (verb) garner

Synonyms: garner Definition: store grain

Hypernyms: store Definition: find a place for and put away for storage Usage: where should we stow the vegetables?; I couldn't store all the books in the attic so I sold some

Synonyms: earn, garner Definition: acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions

Hypernyms: acquire, get Definition: come into the possession of something concrete or abstract Usage: She got a lot of paintings from her uncle; They acquired a new pet; Get your results the next day; Get permission to take a few days off from work