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Synonyms for (noun) geminate

Synonyms: geminate Definition: a doubled or long consonant Usage: the `n' in `thinness' is a geminate

Hypernyms: consonant Definition: a speech sound that is not a vowel

Synonyms for (verb) geminate

Synonyms: geminate Definition: arrange or combine in pairs Usage: The consonants are geminated in these words

Hypernyms: double, duplicate Definition: increase twofold Usage: The population doubled within 50 years

Synonyms: pair, geminate Definition: arrange in pairs Usage: Pair these numbers

Hypernyms: set up, arrange Definition: put into a proper or systematic order Usage: arrange the books on the shelves in chronological order

Synonyms: geminate, pair Definition: occur in pairs

Hypernyms: occur Definition: to be found to exist Usage: sexism occurs in many workplaces; precious stones occur in a large area in Brazil

Synonyms: reduplicate, geminate Definition: form by reduplication Usage: The consonant reduplicates after a short vowel; The morpheme can be reduplicated to emphasize the meaning of the word

Hypernyms: double, duplicate, reduplicate, repeat, replicate Definition: make or do or perform again Usage: He could never replicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick