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Synonyms for (noun) giving

Synonyms: giving Definition: disposing of property by voluntary transfer without receiving value in return Usage: the alumni followed a program of annual giving

Hypernyms: disposal, disposition Definition: the act or means of getting rid of something

Synonyms: gift, giving Definition: the act of giving

Hypernyms: share-out, sharing Definition: a distribution in shares

Synonyms: giving Definition: the imparting of news or promises etc. Usage: he gave us the news and made a great show of the giving; giving his word of honor seemed to come too easily

Hypernyms: impartation, imparting, conveyance Definition: the transmission of information

Synonyms for (adjective) giving

Synonyms: big, bighearted, freehanded, openhanded, bounteous, bountiful, giving, handsome, liberal Definition: given or giving freely Usage: was a big tipper; the bounteous goodness of God; bountiful compliments; a freehanded host; a handsome allowance; Saturday's child is loving and giving; a liberal backer of the arts; a munificent gift; her fond and openhanded grandfather

Hypernyms: generous Definition: willing to give and share unstintingly Usage: a generous donation