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Synonyms for (noun) group

Synonyms: group, grouping Definition: any number of entities (members) considered as a unit

Hypernyms: abstract entity, abstraction Definition: a general concept formed by extracting common features from specific examples

Synonyms: group, mathematical group Definition: a set that is closed, associative, has an identity element and every element has an inverse

Hypernyms: set Definition: (mathematics) an abstract collection of numbers or symbols Usage: the set of prime numbers is infinite

Synonyms: group, radical, chemical group Definition: (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule

Hypernyms: unit, building block Definition: a single undivided natural thing occurring in the composition of something else Usage: units of nucleic acids

Synonyms for (verb) group

Synonyms: group Definition: arrange into a group or groups Usage: Can you group these shapes together?

Hypernyms: class, classify, assort, separate, sort, sort out Definition: arrange or order by classes or categories Usage: How would you classify these pottery shards--are they prehistoric?

Synonyms: group, aggroup Definition: form a group or group together

Hypernyms: assemble, gather, foregather, forgather, meet Definition: collect in one place Usage: We assembled in the church basement; Let's gather in the dining room