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Synonyms for (noun) hair

Synonyms: hair Definition: a filamentous projection or process on an organism

Hypernyms: process, appendage, outgrowth Definition: a natural prolongation or projection from a part of an organism either animal or plant Usage: a bony process

Synonyms: hair, haircloth Definition: cloth woven from horsehair or camelhair; used for upholstery or stiffening in garments

Hypernyms: fabric, material, cloth, textile Definition: artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers Usage: the fabric in the curtains was light and semitransparent; woven cloth originated in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC; she measured off enough material for a dress

Synonyms: pilus, hair Definition: any of the cylindrical filaments characteristically growing from the epidermis of a mammal Usage: there is a hair in my soup

Hypernyms: filament, filum Definition: a threadlike structure (as a chainlike series of cells)

Synonyms: hair Definition: a covering for the body (or parts of it) consisting of a dense growth of threadlike structures (as on the human head); helps to prevent heat loss Usage: he combed his hair; each hair consists of layers of dead keratinized cells

Hypernyms: body covering Definition: any covering for the body or a body part

Synonyms: hair, fuzz, tomentum Definition: filamentous hairlike growth on a plant Usage: peach fuzz

Hypernyms: plant process, enation Definition: a natural projection or outgrowth from a plant body or organ

Synonyms: whisker, hair, hair's-breadth, hairsbreadth Definition: a very small distance or space Usage: they escaped by a hair's-breadth; they lost the election by a whisker

Hypernyms: small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity Definition: an indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude