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Synonyms for (noun) history

Synonyms: history Definition: the discipline that records and interprets past events involving human beings Usage: he teaches Medieval history; history takes the long view

Hypernyms: arts, humanistic discipline, humanities, liberal arts Definition: studies intended to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills (rather than occupational or professional skills) Usage: the college of arts and sciences

Synonyms: history Definition: all that is remembered of the past as preserved in writing; a body of knowledge Usage: the dawn of recorded history; from the beginning of history

Hypernyms: noesis, knowledge, cognition Definition: the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning

Synonyms: history, chronicle, story, account Definition: a record or narrative description of past events Usage: a history of France; he gave an inaccurate account of the plot to kill the president; the story of exposure to lead

Hypernyms: record Definition: anything (such as a document or a phonograph record or a photograph) providing permanent evidence of or information about past events Usage: the film provided a valuable record of stage techniques

Synonyms: history Definition: the aggregate of past events Usage: a critical time in the school's history

Hypernyms: past, past times, yesteryear Definition: the time that has elapsed Usage: forget the past

Synonyms: history Definition: the continuum of events occurring in succession leading from the past to the present and even into the future Usage: all of human history

Hypernyms: continuum Definition: a continuous nonspatial whole or extent or succession in which no part or portion is distinct or distinguishable from adjacent parts