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Synonyms for (noun) implant

Synonyms: implant Definition: a prosthesis placed permanently in tissue

Hypernyms: prosthesis, prosthetic device Definition: corrective consisting of a replacement for a part of the body

Synonyms for (verb) implant

Synonyms: implant, plant Definition: put firmly in the mind Usage: Plant a thought in the students' minds

Hypernyms: put across, pass, pass along, pass on, communicate Definition: transmit information Usage: Please communicate this message to all employees; pass along the good news

Synonyms: implant Definition: become attached to and embedded in the uterus Usage: The egg fertilized in vitro implanted in the uterus of the birth mother with no further complications

Hypernyms: attach Definition: become attached Usage: The spider's thread attached to the window sill

Synonyms: imbed, implant, plant, embed, engraft Definition: fix or set securely or deeply Usage: He planted a knee in the back of his opponent; The dentist implanted a tooth in the gum

Hypernyms: enter, infix, insert, introduce Definition: put or introduce into something Usage: insert a picture into the text