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Synonyms for (adjective) impractical

Synonyms: impractical Definition: not practical; not workable or not given to practical matters Usage: refloating the ship proved impractical because of the expense; he is intelligent but too impractical for commercial work; an impractical solution

Hypernyms: half-baked, softheaded, screwball, crazy Definition: foolish; totally unsound Usage: a crazy scheme; half-baked ideas; a screwball proposal without a prayer of working

Hypernyms: meshuga, meshugga, meshugge, meshuggeneh, meshuggener Definition: senseless; crazy

Hypernyms: wild-eyed, quixotic, romantic Definition: not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic Usage: as quixotic as a restoration of medieval knighthood; a romantic disregard for money; a wild-eyed dream of a world state

Hypernyms: unfunctional Definition: not related to or suitable for everyday needs or activities

Hypernyms: unwieldy Definition: difficult to work or manipulate Usage: unwieldy rules and regulations

Synonyms: windy, visionary, Laputan, airy, impractical Definition: not practical or realizable; speculative Usage: airy theories about socioeconomic improvement; visionary schemes for getting rich

Hypernyms: utopian Definition: characterized by or aspiring to impracticable perfection Usage: the dim utopian future; utopian idealists; recognized the utopian nature of his hopes