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Synonyms for (adjective) inattentive

Synonyms: inattentive Definition: showing a lack of attention or care Usage: inattentive students; an inattentive babysitter

Hypernyms: scatty, absent, absentminded, abstracted Definition: lost in thought; showing preoccupation Usage: an absent stare; an absentminded professor; the scatty glancing quality of a hyperactive but unfocused intelligence

Hypernyms: distracted, distrait Definition: having the attention diverted especially because of anxiety

Hypernyms: dreamy, moony, woolgathering Definition: dreamy in mood or nature Usage: a woolgathering moment

Hypernyms: yawning, drowsy, oscitant Definition: showing lack of attention or boredom Usage: the yawning congregation

Hypernyms: oblivious, forgetful Definition: failing to keep in mind Usage: forgetful of her responsibilities; oblivious old age

Synonyms: inattentive, neglectful Definition: not showing due care or attention Usage: inattentive students; an inattentive babysitter; neglectful parents

Hypernyms: negligent Definition: characterized by neglect and undue lack of concern Usage: negligent parents; negligent of detail; negligent in his correspondence