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Synonyms for (verb) inscribe

Synonyms: inscribe Definition: address, (a work of literature) in a style less formal than a dedication

Hypernyms: dedicate Definition: inscribe or address by way of compliment Usage: She dedicated her book to her parents

Synonyms: encipher, encrypt, code, cipher, cypher, write in code, inscribe Definition: convert ordinary language into code Usage: We should encode the message for security reasons

Hypernyms: encode Definition: convert information into code Usage: encode pictures digitally

Synonyms: inscribe, autograph Definition: mark with one's signature Usage: The author autographed his book

Hypernyms: sign Definition: be engaged by a written agreement Usage: He signed to play the casino on Dec. 18; The soprano signed to sing the new opera

Synonyms: inscribe Definition: write, engrave, or print as a lasting record

Hypernyms: record, put down, enter Definition: make a record of; set down in permanent form

Synonyms: scratch, grave, inscribe, engrave Definition: carve, cut, or etch into a material or surface Usage: engrave a pen; engraved the trophy cupt with the winner's; the lovers scratched their names into the bark of the tree

Hypernyms: carve, chip at Definition: engrave or cut by chipping away at a surface Usage: carve one's name into the bark

Synonyms: inscribe Definition: draw within a figure so as to touch in as many places as possible

Hypernyms: trace, delineate, describe, draw, line Definition: make a mark or lines on a surface Usage: draw a line; trace the outline of a figure in the sand

Synonyms: enrol, enroll, enter, inscribe, recruit Definition: register formally as a participant or member Usage: The party recruited many new members

Hypernyms: register Definition: record in writing; enter into a book of names or events or transactions