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Synonyms for (noun) intensity

Synonyms: intensity, chroma, saturation, vividness Definition: chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vivid in hue

Hypernyms: color property Definition: an attribute of color

Synonyms: intensity, volume, loudness Definition: the magnitude of sound (usually in a specified direction) Usage: the kids played their music at full volume

Hypernyms: sound property Definition: an attribute of sound

Synonyms: intensity, intensiveness Definition: high level or degree; the property of being intense

Hypernyms: degree, grade, level Definition: a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality Usage: a moderate grade of intelligence; a high level of care is required; it is all a matter of degree

Synonyms: strength, intensity, intensity level Definition: the amount of energy transmitted (as by acoustic or electromagnetic radiation) Usage: he adjusted the intensity of the sound; they measured the station's signal strength

Hypernyms: magnitude Definition: the property of relative size or extent (whether large or small) Usage: they tried to predict the magnitude of the explosion; about the magnitude of a small pea