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Synonyms for (noun) jab

Synonyms: jab, dig Definition: the act of touching someone suddenly with your finger or elbow Usage: she gave me a sharp dig in the ribs

Hypernyms: touch, touching Definition: the act of putting two things together with no space between them Usage: at his touch the room filled with lights

Synonyms: jab Definition: a quick short straight punch

Hypernyms: lick, clout, slug, biff, poke, punch Definition: (boxing) a blow with the fist Usage: I gave him a clout on his nose

Synonyms: poke, poking, jab, jabbing, thrust, thrusting Definition: a sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow) Usage: he warned me with a jab with his finger; he made a thrusting motion with his fist

Hypernyms: gesture Definition: motion of hands or body to emphasize or help to express a thought or feeling

Synonyms for (verb) jab

Synonyms: stab, poke, prod, dig, jab Definition: poke or thrust abruptly Usage: he jabbed his finger into her ribs

Hypernyms: thrust Definition: push forcefully Usage: He thrust his chin forward

Synonyms: jab, stab Definition: stab or pierce Usage: he jabbed the piece of meat with his pocket knife

Hypernyms: thrust Definition: push forcefully Usage: He thrust his chin forward

Synonyms: jab Definition: strike or punch with quick and short blows

Hypernyms: strike Definition: deliver a sharp blow, as with the hand, fist, or weapon Usage: The teacher struck the child; the opponent refused to strike; The boxer struck the attacker dead