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Synonyms for (adjective) meager

Synonyms: scrimpy, meager, meagerly, meagre, stingy Definition: deficient in amount or quality or extent Usage: meager resources; meager fare

Hypernyms: bare, scanty, spare Definition: lacking in amplitude or quantity Usage: a bare livelihood; a scanty harvest; a spare diet

Hypernyms: exiguous Definition: extremely scanty Usage: an exiguous budget

Hypernyms: hand-to-mouth Definition: providing only bare essentials Usage: a hand-to-mouth existence

Hypernyms: hardscrabble Definition: barely satisfying a lower standard Usage: the sharecropper's hardscrabble life

Hypernyms: paltry, miserable, measly Definition: contemptibly small in amount Usage: a measly tip; the company donated a miserable $100 for flood relief; a paltry wage; almost depleted his miserable store of dried beans