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Synonyms for (verb) osculate

Synonyms: snog, kiss, buss, osculate Definition: touch with the lips or press the lips (against someone's mouth or other body part) as an expression of love, greeting, etc. Usage: The newly married couple kissed; She kissed her grandfather on the forehead when she entered the room

Hypernyms: touch Definition: make physical contact with, come in contact with Usage: Touch the stone for good luck; She never touched her husband

Synonyms: osculate Definition: have at least three points in common with Usage: one curve osculates the other; these two surfaces osculate

Hypernyms: share Definition: have in common Usage: Our children share a love of music; The two countries share a long border

Synonyms: osculate Definition: be intermediate between two taxonomic groups Usage: These species osculate

Hypernyms: be Definition: have the quality of being; (copula, used with an adjective or a predicate noun) Usage: John is rich; This is not a good answer