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Synonyms for (adjective) painful

Synonyms: painful, irritating Definition: causing physical discomfort Usage: bites of black flies are more than irritating; they can be very painful

Hypernyms: uncomfortable Definition: providing or experiencing physical discomfort Usage: an uncomfortable chair; an uncomfortable day in the hot sun

Synonyms: abominable, atrocious, awful, unspeakable, painful, terrible, dreadful Definition: exceptionally bad or displeasing Usage: atrocious taste; abominable workmanship; an awful voice; dreadful manners; a painful performance; terrible handwriting; an unspeakable odor came sweeping into the room

Hypernyms: bad Definition: having undesirable or negative qualities Usage: a bad report card; his sloppy appearance made a bad impression; a bad little boy; clothes in bad shape; a bad cut; bad luck; the news was very bad; the reviews were bad; the pay is bad; it was a bad light for reading; the movie was a bad choice

Synonyms: painful Definition: causing physical or psychological pain Usage: worked with painful slowness

Hypernyms: aching, achy Definition: causing a dull and steady pain Usage: my aching head; her old achy joints

Hypernyms: agonised, agonized Definition: expressing pain or agony Usage: agonized screams

Hypernyms: agonising, agonizing, torturesome, torturing, torturous, harrowing, excruciating Definition: extremely painful

Hypernyms: biting, bitter Definition: causing a sharply painful or stinging sensation; used especially of cold Usage: bitter cold; a biting wind

Hypernyms: galled, chafed Definition: painful from having the skin abraded

Hypernyms: poignant Definition: keenly distressing to the mind or feelings Usage: poignant anxiety

Hypernyms: itchy Definition: causing an irritating cutaneous sensation; being affect with an itch Usage: he had an itchy toe from the mosquito bite

Hypernyms: racking, wrenching Definition: causing great physical or mental suffering Usage: a wrenching pain

Hypernyms: saddle-sore Definition: (of a rider) sore after riding a horse

Hypernyms: sensitive, sore, tender, raw Definition: hurting Usage: the tender spot on his jaw

Hypernyms: traumatic Definition: psychologically painful Usage: few experiences are more traumatic than losing a child;

Synonyms: sore, painful, afflictive Definition: causing misery or pain or distress Usage: it was a sore trial to him; the painful process of growing up

Hypernyms: unpleasant Definition: disagreeable to the senses, to the mind, or feelings Usage: an unpleasant personality; unpleasant repercussions; unpleasant odors