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Synonyms for (noun) passing

Synonyms: qualifying, pass, passing Definition: success in satisfying a test or requirement Usage: his future depended on his passing that test; he got a pass in introductory chemistry

Hypernyms: success Definition: an attainment that is successful Usage: his success in the marathon was unexpected; his new play was a great success

Synonyms: overtaking, passing Definition: going by something that is moving in order to get in front of it Usage: she drove but well but her reckless passing of every car on the road frightened me

Hypernyms: reordering Definition: a rearrangement in a different order

Synonyms: pass, passing, passing game, passing play Definition: (American football) a play that involves one player throwing the ball to a teammate Usage: the coach sent in a passing play on third and long

Hypernyms: football play Definition: (American football) a play by the offensive team

Synonyms: passage, passing Definition: a bodily reaction of changing from one place or stage to another Usage: the passage of air from the lungs; the passing of flatus

Hypernyms: reaction, response Definition: a bodily process occurring due to the effect of some antecedent stimulus or agent Usage: a bad reaction to the medicine; his responses have slowed with age

Synonyms: passing Definition: the end of something Usage: the passing of winter

Hypernyms: last, final stage, end Definition: the concluding parts of an event or occurrence Usage: the end was exciting; I had to miss the last of the movie

Synonyms: passage, passing Definition: the motion of one object relative to another Usage: stellar passings can perturb the orbits of comets

Hypernyms: motion, movement Definition: a natural event that involves a change in the position or location of something

Synonyms: loss, exit, expiration, going, passing, release, departure Definition: euphemistic expressions for death Usage: thousands mourned his passing

Hypernyms: death, decease, expiry Definition: the event of dying or departure from life Usage: her death came as a terrible shock; upon your decease the capital will pass to your grandchildren

Synonyms for (adjective) passing

Synonyms: casual, passing, perfunctory, cursory Definition: hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough Usage: a casual (or cursory) inspection failed to reveal the house's structural flaws; a passing glance; perfunctory courtesy

Hypernyms: careless Definition: marked by lack of attention or consideration or forethought or thoroughness; not careful Usage: careless about her clothes; forgotten by some careless person; a careless housekeeper; careless proofreading; it was a careless mistake; hurt by a careless remark

Synonyms: transient, transitory, fugacious, ephemeral, short-lived, passing Definition: lasting a very short time Usage: the ephemeral joys of childhood; a passing fancy; youth's transient beauty; love is transitory but it is eternal; fugacious blossoms

Hypernyms: impermanent, temporary Definition: not permanent; not lasting Usage: politics is an impermanent factor of life- James Thurber; impermanent palm cottages; a temperary arrangement; temporary housing

Synonyms: passing Definition: allowing you to pass (e.g., an examination or inspection) satisfactorily Usage: a passing grade

Hypernyms: satisfactory Definition: giving satisfaction Usage: satisfactory living conditions; his grades were satisfactory