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Synonyms for (adjective) peremptory

Synonyms: peremptory Definition: putting an end to all debate or action Usage: a peremptory decree

Hypernyms: decisive Definition: determining or having the power to determine an outcome Usage: cast the decisive vote; two factors had a decisive influence

Synonyms: peremptory Definition: not allowing contradiction or refusal Usage: spoke in peremptory tones; peremptory commands

Hypernyms: imperative Definition: requiring attention or action Usage: as nuclear weapons proliferate, preventing war becomes imperative; requests that grew more and more imperative

Synonyms: peremptory, dominating, high-and-mighty, magisterial, bossy, autocratic Definition: offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power Usage: an autocratic person; autocratic behavior; a bossy way of ordering others around; a rather aggressive and dominating character; managed the employees in an aloof magisterial way; a swaggering peremptory manner

Hypernyms: domineering Definition: tending to domineer