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Synonyms for (adjective) potent

Synonyms: stiff, strong, potent Definition: having a strong physiological or chemical effect Usage: a potent toxin; potent liquor; a potent cup of tea, a stiff drink

Hypernyms: equipotent Definition: having equal strength or efficacy

Hypernyms: multipotent Definition: able to many things Usage: multipotent drugs

Synonyms: strong, potent Definition: having or wielding force or authority Usage: providing the ground soldier with increasingly potent weapons

Hypernyms: powerful Definition: having great power or force or potency or effect Usage: the most powerful government in western Europe; his powerful arms; a powerful bomb; the horse's powerful kick; powerful drugs; a powerful argument

Synonyms: powerful, potent Definition: having great influence

Hypernyms: influential Definition: having or exercising influence or power Usage: an influential newspaper; influential leadership for peace