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Synonyms for (adjective) prepared

Synonyms: prepared Definition: equipped or prepared with necessary intellectual resources Usage: graduates well equipped to handle such problems; equipped to be a scholar

Hypernyms: equipped, equipt Definition: provided or fitted out with what is necessary or useful or appropriate Usage: a well equipped playground; a ship equipped with every mechanical aid to navigation

Synonyms: prepared Definition: made ready or fit or suitable beforehand Usage: a prepared statement; be prepared for emergencies

Hypernyms: braced Definition: positioned so as to be ready for confrontation or danger Usage: he stood to attention with his shoulders braced

Hypernyms: embattled Definition: prepared for battle Usage: an embattled city

Hypernyms: equipped, fitted out Definition: prepared with proper equipment Usage: equipped for service in the Arctic

Hypernyms: oven-ready Definition: prepared before sale and ready to be cooked

Hypernyms: preconditioned Definition: having already been put into a suitable condition Usage: a surface preconditioned to receive paint; customers preconditioned to buy a product

Hypernyms: precooked Definition: cooked partially or completely beforehand Usage: frozen precooked meals from the supermarket

Hypernyms: processed Definition: subjected to a special process or treatment Usage: prepared ergot; processed cheeses are easy to spread

Hypernyms: ready Definition: made suitable and available for immediate use Usage: dinner is ready

Hypernyms: spread Definition: prepared or arranged for a meal; especially having food set out Usage: a table spread with food

Hypernyms: up Definition: (usually followed by `on' or `for') in readiness Usage: he was up on his homework; had to be up for the game

Synonyms: disposed, fain, inclined, prepared Definition: having made preparations Usage: prepared to take risks

Hypernyms: willing Definition: disposed or inclined toward Usage: a willing participant; willing helpers