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Why synonyms can be useful

Your writing can sound boring if you continually keep repeating the same words. When you create sentences, you can make them more interesting by using words that mean the same as the word you are speaking about. This allows you to add flavor to your writing.

In order to make language a lot more expressive and interesting you should try to vary the words you use as often as you can.

Synonyms for (noun) pressing

Synonyms: press, pressing, pressure Definition: the act of pressing; the exertion of pressure Usage: he gave the button a press; he used pressure to stop the bleeding; at the pressing of a button

Hypernyms: push, pushing Definition: the act of applying force in order to move something away Usage: he gave the door a hard push; the pushing is good exercise

Synonyms: pressing Definition: a metal or plastic part that is made by a mechanical press

Hypernyms: part, portion Definition: something less than the whole of a human artifact Usage: the rear part of the house; glue the two parts together

Synonyms for (adjective) pressing

Synonyms: urgent, pressing Definition: compelling immediate action Usage: too pressing to permit of longer delay; the urgent words `Hurry! Hurry!'; bridges in urgent need of repair

Hypernyms: imperative Definition: requiring attention or action Usage: as nuclear weapons proliferate, preventing war becomes imperative; requests that grew more and more imperative