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Synonyms for (noun) protection

Synonyms: protection, tribute Definition: payment extorted by gangsters on threat of violence Usage: every store in the neighborhood had to pay him protection

Hypernyms: extortion Definition: the felonious act of extorting money (as by threats of violence)

Synonyms: protection Definition: the activity of protecting someone or something Usage: the witnesses demanded police protection

Hypernyms: activity Definition: any specific behavior Usage: they avoided all recreational activity

Synonyms: trade protection, protection Definition: the imposition of duties or quotas on imports in order to protect domestic industry against foreign competition Usage: he made trade protection a plank in the party platform

Hypernyms: imposition, infliction Definition: the act of imposing something (as a tax or an embargo)

Synonyms: aegis, auspices, protection Definition: kindly endorsement and guidance Usage: the tournament was held under the auspices of the city council

Hypernyms: indorsement, endorsement Definition: the act of endorsing Usage: a star athlete can make a lot of money from endorsements

Synonyms: protection, protective cover, protective covering Definition: a covering that is intend to protect from damage or injury Usage: they had no protection from the fallout; wax provided protection for the floors

Hypernyms: covering Definition: an artifact that covers something else (usually to protect or shelter or conceal it)

Synonyms: security, protection Definition: defense against financial failure; financial independence Usage: his pension gave him security in his old age; insurance provided protection against loss of wages due to illness

Hypernyms: assets Definition: anything of material value or usefulness that is owned by a person or company

Synonyms: protection, shelter Definition: the condition of being protected Usage: they were huddled together for protection; he enjoyed a sense of peace and protection in his new home

Hypernyms: security Definition: the state of being free from danger or injury Usage: we support the armed services in the name of national security