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Synonyms for (noun) punt

Synonyms: punt, punting Definition: (football) a kick in which the football is dropped from the hands and kicked before it touches the ground Usage: the punt traveled 50 yards; punting is an important part of the game

Hypernyms: boot, kick, kicking Definition: the act of delivering a blow with the foot Usage: he gave the ball a powerful kick; the team's kicking was excellent

Synonyms: punt Definition: an open flat-bottomed boat used in shallow waters and propelled by a long pole

Hypernyms: boat Definition: a small vessel for travel on water

Synonyms: Irish pound, Irish punt, pound, punt Definition: formerly the basic unit of money in Ireland; equal to 100 pence

Hypernyms: Irish monetary unit Definition: monetary unit in Eire

Synonyms for (verb) punt

Synonyms: punt, stake, gage, game, back, bet on Definition: place a bet on Usage: Which horse are you backing?; I'm betting on the new horse

Hypernyms: play, bet, wager Definition: stake on the outcome of an issue Usage: I bet $100 on that new horse; She played all her money on the dark horse

Synonyms: pole, punt Definition: propel with a pole Usage: pole barges on the river; We went punting in Cambridge

Hypernyms: impel, propel Definition: cause to move forward with force Usage: Steam propels this ship

Synonyms: punt Definition: kick the ball

Hypernyms: kick Definition: drive or propel with the foot